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Papola Casale Airport, Brindisi, I-72100 (Italy)
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Maggiore Brindisi Airport

The Brindisi Airport is located in southern Italy at the Puglia region and handles a colossal number of passengers on an annual basis. BDS is the official airport code and it is also referred to as Brindisi Papola airport. The Italian name for it is the Aeroporto del Salento. Brindisi is a small coastal town two or three kilometers away from the airport. Although Brindisi in itself is not very happening, the other proximal areas like Lecce and Salento are major tourist attractions.

The car rental agencies are available for hiring vehicles as soon as the passengers land at the Brindisi Airport. One cool car rental company is the Maggiore Car Hire. The people can book their motors directly from the booking counters at the airport and the internet users can conveniently log on to and find the desired vehicle. The latest vehicle categories and the sample pictures are all available on the official website.

When you hire a car, make sure that there are child seats if you have any kids. The Italian laws are very particular about the secure accommodation of a young child within the vehicle. An additional item for rent is the MIO GPR Navigator. This model equipment is very helpful in tracking down unfamiliar territory and has traffic updates and road maps. The locations of petrol pumps, restaurants, hotels and medical stores are updated here. It helps you to reach your destination comfortably. The website provides the accurate passenger and baggage abilities of each vehicle so that correct size can be chosen conveniently according to the travel needs.

The Citycar category contains smaller sized vehicles and feature air bags along with air conditioning. The Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge and the Fiat 500 1.2 Sport are examples of this category and feature three doors. A vehicle having three to five doors is the Nissa Micra 1.2. The compact vehicles accommodate five people and have five doors. The neat features included are ABS brakes and CD players. Some cool compact cars are Renault Megane 2.5 DCI, Volkswagen Golf 1.6 and Fiat Bravo 1.6 MJT. If the passengers have excess baggage a station wagon is hired.

The intermediate cars have excess luggage shelves .If a large group is travelling the Fiat Ducato 30 Panorama 2.3 Multijet can accommodate nine people for a pleasant cruise round the area.