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Brindisi Airport Transfers & Taxis

In Italy it is the smallest airport, where every year almost one million passengers come. Due to its nearby areas such as Lecce as well as Salento, it has become a major visiting place for the visitors. For these areas the perfect gateway is provided by Brindisi Airport. You will be provided with either bus service or taxi service, as they are located directly outside the airport.

You need not have to do much, just collect your baggage, enter the arrival area, finally, through the main doors exit the airport. Even though you will get the bus services to Lecce from Brindisi Airport and vice versa, but many passengers prefer the taxi service. You will be given a quick, private and convenient journey to your destination by the taxi services, due to which it becomes a bit expensive.

Radio Taxi operates the official taxi service at Brindisi Airport. You can contact them through telephone. To avoid sub-standard service as well as overcharged taxi fares, use of official airport taxi will be the most convenient way for you. When you will arrive at the airport you will find that a group of drivers will approach you to leave you to your destination at low cost. But, it is recommended that never go for these services as mostly they are unlicensed drivers as they do not have the permission to provide taxi services from the airports.

You can find the official taxis with the drivers be waiting for you outside the arrival area. The colors of the taxis in Italy are either white or yellow. On the roof they also have a taxi sign. Usually, on the driver side they have an identifying number. The use of this identifying number is that, if you have any complain regarding the service of the taxi you can directly be quoted to the company. To record the amount of your journey on the basis of per kilometers a meter device is given to every individual taxi. To avoid uninterrupted situation never go for the taxis which do not have a meter service or broken meter.

The best way to avoid such unwanted situations is that, always discuss regarding the fare beforehand with the taxi driver. Driving on Sundays, more than four passengers in the taxi, extra costs for luggage loaded, public holidays, animals loaded and driving late at night are some of the additional charges that are included in the meter while you travel. The taxi service is a comfortable, reliable and quick service.