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Papola Casale Airport, Brindisi, I-72100 (Italy)
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Alamo Brindisi Airport

Ever wondered how frustrating it is to land at the airport in a new place for the first time and spend hours trying to flag down a taxi? Or your negotiation with unknown rented car companies goes into hours and you end up paying an exorbitant rate. Alamo Car Hire at Brindisi Airport provides you with some of the best possible service on the planet. Gone are the days when you wait for the rented car or taxi or travel in a crowded bus to your hotel. Alamo ensures your comfort and luxury while you are at the airport.

Alamo Car Hire can be chosen simply because of the sheer comfort it promises. You do not have to worry after you land. Alamo Car Hire will pick you up at the airport punctually and drop you off to your hotel. If you rent your car at the airport, you can free of the additional hassles.

You can book Alamo Car Hire online in advance and be free of any other worries. Once you get to the airport, Alamo Car Hire will be there to attend to you and take you to your hotel. You can also book Alamo in advance by calling their toll free number at 1-800-462-5266 that provides a 24 hour service.

You will find plenty of other reasons why you should choose Alamo Car Hire at the Brindisi Airport. Alamo Car Hire provides you other services like baby seats, GPS, extra room for skis or other supplements. All you need to do is book them in advance at the time of reservation and pay a nominal fee when you take the car from their office at the airport.

It is convenient for people to travel to the seaport town of Papola Casole, which is the main hub of tourist attractions in this region, as it is only three kilometers from the Brindisi Airport. The airport is just beside Brindisi and located along the SS16/SS379 route. A local bus can take you to the city center at Brindisi, the greatest convenience being that they are arranged in connection with the arrival and departure times of flights at the Brindisi Airport. The ticket costs 3 Euros.

There is local bus service to Lecce as well and even that journey from the airport to Leece will take you 45 minutes. You can also get a taxi outside the arrivals hall but you should be careful and check the meter or make a clear agreement with the driver in advance. You can call +39(0)831 597901 if you are in need of taxi service.