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Brindisi Airport Parking

Brindisi Airport is situated a few kilometers from the Brindisi city. Even though it is a small airport, still every year millions of passenger uses it. As the airport is situated nearby Lecce as well as Salento areas, it is also named as Brindisi Papola Casale Airport or Aeroporto del Salento. The best convenient part of this airport is that when you will visit it you can ensure with transportation as it includes the facility of various car parking areas.

For handling the arrival and departure flights it has a huge terminal building. You will not get confused in the terminal as all the required directions are given there for your help, so you can easily find your way. In order to reach the building, there will be no need for any additional bus transportation, as here the parking areas are within walk able distance of the terminal. For any period of time you can park out your vehicle in this parking area as, depending up on the necessity you can find three parking areas. Each parking area has its own lengths of parking periods.

In short-stay parking, around 30 parking spaces are available, it is denoted as P1. Vehicles can be parked there for only a few hours as it is the nearest to the terminal building. If you exceed your time you will be charged €2.00 for every 30 minutes. Top Car Parking is denoted as P2. For medium to long-term parking periods it can be the right choice. The capacity of this parking is 462 spaces. For less than two hours and between two and six hour's the parking charges are €4.00 and €7.00 respectively. It will charge €13.50 if the time of parking is between six and twenty-four hours.

P3 that is long-stay parking the capacity is of 143 parking spaces. It is best for those who need to leave their vehicles either for few days or even weeks. For the payment of parking charges you will be provided with automated ticket machines in Brindisi Airport.