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Brindisi Tourist Attractions

As there is a regular bus service as well as taxi services that are available for the visitors, you will not face any intricacy to reach your destination. When you will arrive at the Brindisi Airport, right out from there you can start sightseeing, as the Santa Maria del Casale church is just nearby it. The distance from the airport to the church can be covered by walking. Along with being barn-like building it also has impressive frescoes like Last Judgment and it has been colored beautifully. If you walk few steps from the church building you will find some cloisters.

The Swabian Castle is one of the landmarks of city. Over the years, on numerous occasions, this castle is being restored. On the other hand, the Roman Harbour Columns is another landmark of the city. Even though, they are twin columns, the interesting point is that, along with its sculptured capital on top only one is still entirely standing. Regarding the other, it got collapsed during the 16th century. You will find the columns in Via Colonne, which is nearby the harbor.

Apart from these landmarks, you will also find Church of Santa Maria del Casale, Roman Column, Aragonese Castle, Duomo, Fasanolandia as well as Matera on your journey. These places are the one of its own kind. Pizza, pasta and parmesan are the common food of Italy, so you will enjoy having them. If you want to visit a town with whitewashed hobbit holes than Alberobello can be the right choice for you, as Alberobello is a regarded as the World Heritage town. The most attractive part of this World Heritage is that, it's white cone-shaped buildings and it is situated on only 50 kilometers north of Brindisi.

Below are the most attractive and eye catching sight of Brindisi has been described for your guidance:

Church of Santa Maria del Casale

In Puglia, Church of Santa Maria del Casale, is one of the most famous since the 14th century. The mix of Romanesque, Byzantine and Gothic styles, are used for the construction of this building and the impressive Byzantine frescoes make it more special and attractive.

Roman Column

In the 4th century BC, from Rome down to Brindisi, the end to the famous Appian Way stretching is marked by two columns, and Roman Column is one of them.

Aragonese Castle

In 1491, as a mark of sea fort back, Aragonese Castle was built by King Ferdinand of Naples.


Dating back to the 12th century, in Brindisi, Duomo is the oldest Romanesque cathedral. Due to the earthquake that occurred in 1743, Duomo needs to face many damages, but later it has been reconstructed. So, much of what you see this day is the reconstructed one. Even though it has been reconstructed, still the original mosaics can be seen inside it.


Accompanying with 120 hectares, in Italy, Fasanolandia is the largest zoo-safari. The most attractive view of this safari is that, in addition to a theme park, more than 40 different animals’ species are roaming freely all around. As there are a lot of restaurants as well as cafes, if you want to capture those moments by staying at a single place you can also do that.


Matera is an ancient still bustling town; to reach there you need to travel on train from Brindisi. The oldest prehistoric cave houses are the centre of attraction of this place. The surprising part is that, until now also few of them are used and featured in a number of Biblical Epics like ‘The Passion of the Christ’. These are the oldest cave around the world.

When you get a chance to visit Brindisi Airport, start enjoying your travelling right away from the very moment you land at that place as there are many places that can be seen nearby it. To add more excitement and fun in your journey, you need to visit the World Heritage as well as to have their common food.