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Wednesday 18 October 2017
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Brindisi Airport Flights

With flights to Munich, Venice, Paris, Milan, Zurich, etc., airlines to several important cities around the world depart from the Brindisi airport, Italy. Some of the best examples are Air Berlin to Munich, Venice-Marco Polo Air one, Paris-Orly EasyJet and Milan-Linate Meridiana Fly. This is a tourist hotspot and all the people who come to Brindisi and almost half of the people who come to Southern Italy, come to the Brindisi Airport.

The best thing with modern technology being available is that you can book the ticket from your computer or a mobile device from the comfort of your home. You will be provided with the e-ticket and a confirmation will be sent to you through a text message. You can get your ticket and the boarding pass when you show your e-ticket at the airport. And the best thing is you can check details like delays or seat availability from your computer back home even an hour before the time of departure.

It is convenient for people to travel to the seaport town of Papola Casole, which is the main hub of tourist attractions in this region, as it is only three kilometers from the Brindisi Airport. The airport is just beside Brindisi and located along the SS16/SS379 route. Clear indications mark the route to the city so that people coming here for the first time do not face any problem. You should follow the SS613 route in case you want to go to Lecce; it is a 45 kilometer route that does not normally take more than 45 minutes.

The entire airport has a lot of public utility centers, shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. There are also vending machines available that can provide you with cool and warm drinks or even snacks. For any information on arrivals and departures, you can go to the information center in front of the arrivals area or contact them at +39(0)80 5800200 in case of any trouble.